The death of IDFA does not mean the end of effective advertising on iOS

Currently, every major marketing and advertising platform relies on IDFA for app campaigns. Without IDFA, these platforms might serve less effective ads and hinder targeting and user level attribution.  This impact of this is that the current c.80% of all users that can be tracked via IDFA, is likely to drop to the region of 5%.

However, IDFA was only one effective tool and it means that advertisers will need to shift their thinking and methodology to continue providing relevant ads to users.

It won’t be an easy change, but with the right planning it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. We have been working with advertisers to help them understand the impact so they can work towards a better solution and adapt to a new environment.

We have explored this topic further in our ‘What’s Apple doing with IDFA and how can advertisers respond? report.

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