Report into the programmatic in-house trend: 

Infectious Media's new research and insights into the current attitudes and trends from advertisers about their programmatic strategy.


The traditional programmatic structure is changing, with a growing number of advertisers demanding tighter control, transparency and a simplified supply chain.

We surveyed over 200 decision-making brand advertisers to discover their views on agencies, in-housing, and their solution to bring the “antiquated” world of media buying up to date. 

As part of the report, we highlight the problems that advertisers currently face, along with our solution to fix the issue.


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Key Findings:


84% of advertisers want more control over their programmatic advertising
71% of advertisers think agencies have struggled to adapt to programmatic
1.4% of surveyed advertisers are managing their own programmatic advertising in-house
96% of advertisers see the need for agency help in multiple areas
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"In-housing is something that all brands are thinking about at some point during their programmatic journey, it’s what this means to them which makes the difference.”

Attila Jakab, Managing Director, Infectious Media