Measuring what matters

How to determine the true impact of programmatic advertising


Our recent survey found that the majority of marketers think measurement of digital advertising is broken. 

But how can you change your measurement to what accurately reflects what matters to your business?

This whitepaper will:

  • Explain the pitfalls of common measurement metrics
  • Show how bad measurement encourages ad fraud
  • Discuss the essential steps you need to take to measure accurately
  • Discuss the barriers to changing your measurement
  • Guide you through to understanding true incremental uplift


Download your copy now. 



Get actionable steps to measure your advertising's true incremental uplift


Key benefits:


Prove the true value of your programmatic advertising
Reduce wasted spend by targeting people who are already likely to convert
Minimise ad fraud in your programmatic media buys by measuring what matters
Justify an increased programmatic advertising budget
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"By moving past the traditional post-click and post-impressions measurement models, advertisers can not only get a more accurate measure of performance, but avoid buying low quality advertising."

Attila Jakab, Managing Director, Infectious Media