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Global programmatic market maturity report 2018 - Summary Findings

Advertisers need to tailor their approach according to market development.  


Much of the global programmatic infrastructure has been born out of the Western world, but one size does not fit all. For advertisers to scale their programmatic operations, they need to know the size and attributes of each market to provide a tailored approach.

Markets have local nuances, but opportunities exist to group these. The objective for this research has been to identify a limited number of market categories, enabling broad approaches to countries which share common characteristics.

The World Federation of Advertisers and Infectious Media have compiled a unique study into the level of programmatic maturity around the world, breaking down 13 of the world's biggest advertising markets into four clusters depending on their sophistication. 

Download the summary findings here, for the full report visit: www.wfanet.org 




 Markets Include:  

Programmatic First





Maturing Markets




Mobile First Markets




Emerging Markets


South Africa


Belinda Smith

"Many of us at leading brands and agencies spend a significant amount of time investing in our tech and buying infrastructure, however these efforts – and the discussions we have as an industry – are overwhelmingly US and Western-Europe centric. For a global marketer like EA, which operates in more than 30 countries around the world, it’s imperative to have an informed understanding of how solutions built for mature markets may or may not be operable in other parts of the world. The data in this report helps us inform our operations and infrastructure at the local and regional levels."

Belinda Smith, Global Head of Media, EA